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The 5 Stages of Disease

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Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just “all of a sudden get sick”. Whether we get a bug, diabetes or cancer, the body will put up a good fight — through several stages if it has to — with the intent to bring itself back into balance at each turn.


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Each organ and system has several lines of defense, and if functioning well, they’re able to maintain a stable condition within the tissues. But if it loses the battle at any stage of the game, the body gets more and more toxic and its chances for victory become increasingly slim.

That’s why I underline not to wait once a year to do a detox. We need to eat right, drink right, exercise right and play right all year round, but it’s imperative to do some deeper cleaning 2-4 times each year to help the body maintain a functioning defense system.

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Lines of Defense

Below is a brief description of the Stages of Disease. What I hope to get across here is that most symptoms do not occur until the organ or system has already gone through several stages of malfunction. In other words, we don’t know we’re sick until we experience symptoms; by that time, the body is already significantly compromised.


In this initial stage, the body senses an imbalance due to internal or external stressors from let’s say, a flu bug, breathing in car exhaust or another environmental toxin, eating too much sugar or caffeine, death of a family member, etc. (Any stressor will do.) The innate response is to return the body to balance, and it will do so via liver detoxification and elimination. Any toxicity is attempted to be removed via feces, urine, sweat, breath and mucous. If the body is in good function, this preliminary effort will be successful and the body will adapt, heal and move on. If the stressors are chronic and outweigh the body’s detoxification ability, compensation takes place and the body will move toward the second stage of disorder. This is why proper detoxification, digestion and elimination is mandatory! Without it, we’re on to Stage 2.


At this stage, the body is still trying to pull out all the stops and attempts to return it to the previous stage so it can come back into homeostasis. If the body doesn’t respond to this call, a catabolic effect happens and cells and tissues start to break down. Inflammation is used at this stage, but the body might also actively deposit toxic wastes (that were unable to be eliminated) into less vital areas like benign cysts and tumors.  If these changes continue to occur, it can lead to a particular disease, syndrome or malignancy. Signs and symptoms might be present at this stage, but for most people, the symptoms are not enough to warrant a visit to the doctor or to start a nutrition or detoxification program. This is why it’s so important NOT to wait until you’re sick to do a detox.


At this stage, malfunction has occurred and an actual disease condition exists. The structure of the cells, tissues, organs or systems is damaged. Dysfunction of the mitochondria inside the cells occurs. This creates a breakdown of immune activity, and in turn fails to defend the inner cellular areas from toxins. Malignancies of all stages happen in this stage. Even still, the body makes continued attempts to return to the previous state. But if it can’t hold its own weight here, the continued compensation leads to deep, chronic symptoms.


As normal function is lost, the body is challenged with chronic and deeper-level symptoms. At this stage, secondary conditions that stem from chronic symptoms often occur, and viability of the organism is severely tried. This is the typical time-frame that people will actually schedule a visit with a doctor. They have become chronically fatigued, feel pain or weakness, or feel “not the same”. Please note that there are THREE full stages before actually experiencing many symptoms! Although you may be hanging on in Stage 1, 2 or 3 for many years, don’t think that just because you do not experience chronic symptoms that you are “healthy”. There’s a big difference between symptom-free and vitality.


Cell changes and the cascading effect of chronic symptoms will lead the body to a permanent cessation of function. It can no longer handle the adaptations, and has lost all its life force to vie for homeostasis. When this has occurred, the body dies. This can also be true for cells, organs or systems.

Here are two good questions for you:

  1. What stage of disease are you in?
  2. Is it worsening, or is it improving?

If you’ve noticed symptoms that haven’t gone away or have gotten worse, rest assured your body is already struggling to win a battle. Remember: it can only put up as much of a fight as it’s able to detox and eliminate stored toxicity. The liver’s detox processes need to be cleared to have a fighting chance, no matter where you are in Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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  • Bethany Niccum

    Allison, thank you for writing this article. So many people think that they just “get sick” and they forget that health and disease is a process. We are subjected to so many toxins and cleanses are so important!